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STBAG-D13 Stone Case 13mil Banjo Gig Bag

List: $34.95

Indiana Guitar Company

“No better place to start”

Talk to almost every guitar player of a certain generation and you’ll hear a similar story, “When I started playing, my first instrument was so terrible it’s a wonder I stuck with it long enough to actually learn to play!”   After hearing these stories time after time, year after year, the idea for the Indiana Guitar Company was born; Make good quality instruments at incredible prices.

The Indiana Guitar Company was not founded by businessmen looking to make a buck; it was founded by a group of like-minded musicians looking to offer the next generation of players a better start to ultimately become better players.  With attention to detail such as high quality laminates, sealed die-cast tuners and on some models real rosewood fingerboards and bridges, the Indiana Guitar Company has come to offer appointments that are only found on higher end instruments at the IGC price point. 

With finishes ranging from classic to cutting edge, the Indiana Guitar Company is also the exclusive guitar maker for Mossy Oak, offering three instruments (MO-1, MO-1CE, MO-34) decked out in high definition Mossy Oak camouflage tops.

With instruments ranging from acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars to acoustic and acoustic/electric banjos and acoustic/electric Bass guitars, the Indiana Guitar Company has the instrument you’re looking for at the price you’re looking to pay.